Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thailand National Parks

Erawan National Park
The stunning seven-tiered Erawan Falls are located near to both the River Kwai and Kanchanaburi, making them a logical stop if you’re exploring this area. The Falls are very fairytale, with sparking pools set against a chalk background. The park is popular with locals on the weekends, and this is probably the best time to visit, giving you a really interesting insight into local life. 

Khao Yai National Park
This is Thailand’s oldest rainforest, only 4 hours from Bangkok. It’s probably the best place to spot wildlife in Thailand. During your stay, you might see wild elephants, tigers, bears, porcupines, gibbons, snakes and parrots. One great option is a sunset visit to the eerie bat caves, when thousands upon thousands of bats fly up into the dusk. You can also take a dip in the waterfall that Leonardo DiCaprio dived into during a scene in ‘The Beach’.

Top 7 Advantages - mobile VoIP for the home or business

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Advantages of owning a Mobile Home.

Buying a mobile home is a good alternative to own your own home without carrying the burden of debt that comes from purchasing a stick built home. Today mobile homes are generally designed very competitively in comparison to conventional homes and can offer a wide array of features including vaulted ceilings, pony walls, kitchen islands and walk in pantries.

Mobile homes are not easy to finance through a traditional bank loan so in order to finance the home you will either need to do owner financing or finance through the dealership.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lifestyle Fix For Heart Health

Human behavior was very important role in preventing disease. These include heart disease, which in Indonesia are still occupies a position as a disease champion the cause of death. In 1998 just based on Household Health Survey (SKRT) disease is classified in this circulatory system diseases reached by 24.4 percent, up from 1985 in the amount of 5.9 percent. This figure should be reason enough for us to quickly change the behavior, especially the ability to live and a good diet.

"Heart disease is triggered by two kinds of factors, factors yaiut inevitable and unavoidable factors. Factors that can not be avoided such as older age and heredity, while the factors that could have been avoided is related to one's lifestyle, such as lack of exercise. In Indonesia, people who exercise continuously at only 9 percent of the total, whereas the data from the WHO indicate that 43 percent of diseases in the world because one of them because of lack of movement, "said H. Masino, MSD, Executive Secretary of the Indonesian Heart Foundation.

Often Forgotten
Actually it was umun knowledge and indisputable that exercise can maintain heart health. However, the limited time and facilities to be cliche alsan why people are reluctant to perform such activities.
"Limitations of the facility is to be tantanganbagi us to keep promoting the sport. For example at school no sports lapamgan, sidewalks on the street is not safe to be used for jogging, so inevitably we're looking for a way to keep people can exercise, such as jumping rope that does not take much time or space is too wide, "Masino said.
In general, a person who is less active, had a risk two to three times more likely to suffer a heart attack than someone who is active and exercise regularly. Regular exercise can strengthen the heart muscle and improve blood circulation system in addition to reducing obesity.

Very dianjurakan to perform 30-minute brisk walk every day and most do not exercise in any form three times a week with the intensity of half to one hour. This is very helpful health condition rather than just spending time in front of the television. It could also, when going back to study, do not treat yourself to ride the elevator. Options road more fishing perspiration, for example using the stairs.

Stress protracted making heart rate and blood pressure increase. This certainly makes the heart work harder and ultimately will increase the risk of heart disease. Behavior which is too rushed, quick-tempered and overly ambitious by some circles can trigger the disease.

Within certain limits of stress is a normal phenomenon, even if it can be managed well this could be a positive thing in the development of the human self. Although each person does have different ways in dealing with stress, but at its core should never allow a protracted stress in that can interfere with the physical conditions, as far as possible to avoid or deal wisely. Do not save the anger or disappointment undemonstrative. Talk about and discuss the pressing feeling that the people who trusted, family or doctor. Troubling or remembering past mistakes will only make yourself get stressed, for it was time for recreation with family or friends close to you.

Similarly with smoking, although conscious is a bad habit, it is still mostly smokers do not want to eliminate this habit. And for a heavy smoker, the risk facing sudden death five times greater than those who did not smoke at all. A small number of nicotine in cigarettes is a toxic to the body. Nicotine is absorbed in each suction cigarettes are not lethal, but still dangerous because it can lead to heart hardening of the arteries and heart rhythm and disrupt.
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